Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicken Florentine

Chicken breast (boneless) 220 gm
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste
Red wine 30 ml
oil 15 ml
Yellow zuccini 50 gm
carrot 40 gm
Demi glace 60 ml
parsley 05 gm

$ Marinate the chicken with salt , pepper & oil keep aside for 30 minutes.
$ Cut the zucchini into thin strips & and scoop the carrot.
$ Blanch the vegetable, and toss it in butter.
$ Heat the demi glace and adjust the seasoning.
$ Heat the griddle and cook the chicken on it. Make good grill marks.
$ Arrange the vegetable and chicken on the plate put the demiglaze and garnish with parsley dill leaves.


Juan said...


It´s an interesting blog.

I think the best cuisine is the Spanish one.

Do you know any Canary plates?

Some of them are delicious.

Sabra said...

Good words.